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Motivation to stay on track once you reach your goal


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A few years ago I started counting macros with a nutrition coach and was able to lose close to 40 pounds in a year. Once I hit that point I took a little break and got to a point where I was happy with how far I'd managed to make it in a year and got a little slack. After I got married this past April, I only put on about 7 pounds but I'm struggling getting back to the mindset I had when I first started. Any tips on ways to stay focused on my goals again without getting that complacent feeling again? Thanks!


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I'm struggling with this too. It's very hard for me to stay motivated, even though I know I will feel much better if I stay on track.

However, when I am able to stay motivated and on track, it's because I've seen progress Progress is the most motivating factor. I love feeling healthy and in shape. I just keep in mind that feeling.

I'm interested in what others have to say!