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LOL ranking system
The first thing that catches your eye when watching "Arcane" is the quality of execution. It's hard to believe that you're watching an animated series on Netflix, and not a full-length movie in a movie theater. Fortiche Production studio has been working with Riot for several years, but it has developed a really interesting visual for the series. The graphics of "Arcane" are similar to Dishonored, Spider-Man: Across the Universes, and the fourth episode of the first season of the TV series "Love. Death. Robots".
The characters are recognizable and well-developed. Animations are smooth, and the backgrounds are filled with hundreds of details. Facial animations deserve special mention, because without their detailed study it would be impossible to achieve the level of drama that the writers of the series hoped for. Cartoon style with pre-drawn shadows has absolutely no effect on the realism of what is happening.
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At the same time, Arkane manages to preserve the corporate identity of the Riot Games projects - League of Legends and Valorant. For example, special effects are made with the effect of 2D animation, which has a positive effect on the overall picture. Despite the teen rating, the series manages to maintain a serious and gloomy tone. The presence of tough fights, blood and murder scenes make "Arcane" a more adult adaptation of the pre-invented conflict between Piltover and Zaun. Of course, the series is very far from the darkling from DOTA: Dragon's blood, and the original source of League of Legends is clearly not a supporter of cruelty and meat, but it is not necessary.
The music in the first series of "Arcane" is also in full order. And this is not surprising, because Riot ate the dog on this. Instrumental parts sound great and absolutely do not cut the ear of a music lover. In addition, Imagine Dragons x J.I.D recorded the track Enemy for the opening credits. By the way, their track Warriors was used twice in the clip with League of Legends characters.