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Learning Italian

Hey all! I'm dating an Italian girl, and while our communication in English is great, I'd like to learn her mother tongue, can anyone recommend some good platforms for it?


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Hi! I have spent the last two years living abroad in Italy. The best way I've found to learn is by immersing yourself in the language as much as you can. That way, you are forced to think and learn in the language, even when your brain gets tired. Perhaps you could ask your girlfriend to spend thirty minutes chatting together in Italian? You'd have the best teacher! I also found it helpful to read news on Italian websites (such as Corriere della Sera or La Republica) or of content that you like (for sports, I like La Gazzetta dello Sport). YouTube videos or Netflix shows in BOTH the Italian language and subtitles are also helpful to solidify the language in your brain. Best of luck:)