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Learning French


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I finished a history thesis on French feminists and women writers during the French Enlightenment, but my research was seriously held back by being unable to speak, or especially read, French. I have tried several methods, including college courses, and walked away knowing virtually nothing.I'm very right brained and have a serious block when it comes to learning languages. Anyone have an advice for learning languages if you don't have an ear for it?


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I've always felt that those courses don't help much because they're often focused on language rules and don't really immerse you in the language. What I found much more useful instead was listening to French songs, watching French TV shows and movies, and (if you have the opportunity) interacting with native French speakers. Maybe you can try that! All the best :)


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I took a course in French in college and learned so much! That first semester, we were completely immersed and I went away having absorbed a ton. The next semester, I transferred schools, had new professors who didn't follow the immersion method, and I lost pretty much everything I had gained.

So I downloaded Duolingo and started using that app. It brought back so much information, and it's a lot of fun. It's an interactive app that helps you learn to read, hear and speak another language. I really loved that you can speak into your phone or device, and it checks your speech to see if you're pronouncing things correctly, too. Good luck with your language journey!


I love Duolingo for language learning! My husband and I are learning French at the moment and we basically watch french series and movies that we have previously seen in English. My husband learned English as his second language just by using this method of reading English books and watching English movies. We also try to memorize or learn a couple of new words and practice with each other. It's a lot more fun when you have a learning buddy... bonne chance!


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I love Duolingo for language learning!
I started using the app a few days ago to learn French. Though time constraint has seen me unable to meet my daily study goals, I can say I'm making progress...I now know what a cat, a boy, and a man are in French :).

I must admit, I'm still dealing with the most basic, but I feel reenergized knowing that you made such progress through this app