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Keeping Up What You Memorized


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Memorizing things in the short-time isn't usually difficult for me, probably because I've been doing it for years for school. My main problem is with keeping the knowledge. I'll know it for maybe a week before it all disappears. Anyone have any tips for how to retain the information? Flashcards a few times a week, etc.?


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A useful tip that has always helped me is to try to sneak in some refreshers or studying in spare time when I might not be doing anything else. For example, I might run through some material while I'm in the shower/bathroom, waiting in line, or riding the bus. That way you can keep up on your knowledge without wasting valuable time. Plus, such moments are usually only a few minutes so it's not overwhelming or an entire process that might seem too tedious. Additionally, it naturally lends itself well to chunking, where you break the larger batch of knowledge up into smaller pieces that you can practice by themselves, which often (at least in my case) helps me remember them better anyways! Hope this helps!