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I have several friends who I would consider very close to me, but they live far away. Whenever we get back together it’s amazing- just like when we were in the same place. But, I have a hard time keeping up consistent communication. I talk to each one every other month or so and text maybe once a week. Anyone go through something similar and develop strategies to improve communication?


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I feel you, I'm in a similar situation. I have a lot of friends I consider very close spread out across the country (and the world) and it can be a challenge to keep in touch. WhatsApp has been great for pinging friends, especially those who live abroad. Regular texts for those that live in-country help as well. I try to Skype with friends whenever I can, it makes you feel a lot closer than just phone calls. Don't worry if you don't talk for a while with someone, you can always pick up with a Skype call or a visit. I think the main thing is to come to terms with the distance between you an everyone, and accept that a lot of the time it's not going to be the same as if you were living in the same place.


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I definitely have gone through this/still am going through it. I’m a big believer in two things...1. If they’re true friends, they shouldn’t be upset if you can only talk every so often. & 2. Also, if you do get together with them twice a year and you find yourself searching for talking topics or just the natural friendship stuff, then there’s a disconnect there and it’s possible you aren’t as close as you thought. As sad as that may be (trust me, I’ve gone through it) it might be best for both of you. People grow up and people grow apart, unfortunately that’s how life is. We become the next version of ourselves as we grow with new goals and priorities, which is good!

I don’t have any strategies to improve communication for you, but I will say that even a small gif or “hey, hope you’re doing well” is great to hear! Even if there’s no follow up conversation that can happen at the moment, it lets the other person know you’ve crossed their mind.☺