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iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB NameSkillz Beta Test


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So far I been enjoying the app very much. The UI is very nice and clean making yet easy to navigate though the app. I wish though that the app was not just focusing on names. I wish that it could also help you memorize words, phone numbers, or even things about a person. I also noticed that the sound effects are not working! Also for one if the name (John) I do not u sweat and how you connected that name to Toilet Seat!!! Overall the app is pretty good needs improvement on the sound and some of the words. I would rate the app 6/10 for now but, I believe that overtime, this app has lots of potential! If you guys need any help on the application feel free to contact me I have developed some apps before and don’t mind helping.

James Kho

NeuroSkillz Admin

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Thanks for your feedback and testing of the app before it releases. Enjoy a coffee on me with the small thank you of a Starbucks Gift Card. I sent it directly from Starbucks to your email in your NeuroSkillz Club profile. Thanks for giving me your contact info.

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