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Influence of high water temperature on vacuum pump


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Influence of high water temperature on vacuum pump
Too high water temperature will inevitably make water vaporization and evaporation, and the negative pressure working conditions will further aggravate the evaporation and evaporation, so that the vacuum pump body produces too much water vapor. In this way, really
Empty pump in the inhalation inhalation is too much water vapor, and rarely outside inhalation, resulting in a very low vacuum system. There are two main factors contributing to the excessive water temperature
Through high; The second is the temperature rise of the water during the working process.
To prevent excessive water temperature, the following must be done:
(1) reduce the water temperature;
(2) to maintain the flow of water in and out of the channel, especially the outlet channel (pump body bottom two drainage holes) must always ensure the smooth, can not blindly plug or reduce the flow area;
(3) from the process of adjustment, as far as possible to reduce the main machine working material temperature, in order to reduce the vacuum pump suction temperature.
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