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How to Make your Tropical Dreams Come True--I did, and I can teach you how, simply.


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Well, the forum topic says "Advertise Yourself," so here goes. I did it. I now have the ability to live on a tropical island for as long as I want. It doesn't mean you have to leave the U.S., England, Canada, Australia, etc. as your home. But it means you can if you want. You can literally have the best of both worlds, just like me. My wife and I dreamed of it for years before actually doing it. It took some effort, but most of the work involved mental adjustments. I can teach you how. It is literally 90% a matter of acquiring certain "neuro skillz." The other 10% involves making the financial numbers work, and I can help you figure out which path is best for you.

Here's how it works: PM me, and we can touch base. The first two conversations with me will be free of charge, and then you can decide if you'd like to pay for more.

Thanks for reading, and, either way, I wish you the best.

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Congratulations, Adam! That's great. My wife and I are working towards that as well. We'd like to live in a few different countries a year for a couple months each. The plan was to be mobile with our work. That's what I like about starting this forum. 1) I love surrounding myself with motivated and positive people 2) I love sharing what I've learned so other people can benefit as I have. I've always found ways to love whatever I've done in life but now we are really trying to make it a mobile career plus doing stuff we love.

I wish you continued success in achieving the best of both worlds. :)