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How to get over the fear of leaving your first job


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I was lucky to get my current job right out college. It's been a great first job and the people I work with are great, but I'm ready for something different. The thing is though, I'm scared to leave. I don't know how to let them know once I find a different job. I'm also really nervous that I won't be able to find a new job that I enjoy. I'm struggling to find something new and also toying with the thought of going back to school so that I'm specialized in something. Just a lot of stress going on with trying to figure it all out. Anyone else have trouble leaving their first job or figuring out what to do career wise after college?


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Hi! :)

I agree that it is indeed scary to transition from your first job. I was in the same position. Got recruited right after college in a very prestigious company but was completely drained and stressed out after 9 years of working there. I probably had the urge to move after about 5 years with that company but because of the same doubts you mention, I stayed for 4 more. The only thing I probably regret about the decision to leave the company was that I didn't do it earlier. The longer you stay in a company and in a certain position, the harder it becomes to diversify into other careers or positions, so you need to think carefully about the risk of leaving versus the cost of staying. If you are not happy or fulfilled in the place you're at right now, chances are you'll only get more unsatisfied as time goes on. So plan your exit carefully, but take care not to take too long :)


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I know the feeling. It was very difficult to leave my first job, with a small team of people I felt really close to and we all worked really hard. It leaves you with a sense of obligation and responsibility. But there was no room to grow in that company or industry, and I finally realized leaving was the only option.

Take the time to really think about yourself, what you want out of your career, and what are the best steps for YOU to achieve that. Make your decision based on that, and you will feel comfortable moving forward. You'll find that most people won't begrudge you for trying to do something to better yourself and your life. If they do, then maybe they aren't the kind of people you want to be around anyway?

As far as letting your current job know, that will fall into place out of necessity once you have gotten another job or enrolled in school. It's a natural part of the working world, and more experienced people in the workforce around you will know what to expect!


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Dear Isullivan,

In this age of enlightenment, many of us may have faced this dilemma. According to your tone, you seem skeptical about making this change. Just remember, never stick to your comfort zone and always look to progress and step ahead. If you think your current job is not acting as a launch pad for your growth, just go for what your heart says. Sometimes we enter certain fields of professional work which drains our energy, and it gets too boring for us to refuel those energy tanks through sheer love for that work. This means it is time for you to do some readjustments and jump into something that boils your adrenaline from just the thought of it.

Your idea of studying further is great, and you should definitely chose a field that excites you. Don't worry about finding a new job, nature never leaves anyone hungry after the whole day. Taking risks is important. Have faith in yourself, and you will be soaring the horizons of success and happiness.

Just go for it! you only live once. Be well my friend,