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How To Balance Love With Yours Goals


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Hey there everyone, I was wondering if you had any goals about balancing love with your goals, this seems like an interesting, and vastly useful topic to the right viewer. Thank you, everybody, for your feedback!


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Hey Eli,

This is certainly a challenging thing to think about, isn't it? The first thing that comes to mind for me when thinking about this is something one of my mentors from college once told me. He likened the balancing act to running a marathon. Everybody runs at a different pace, so you should run at your own and don't speed up or slow down to match someone else's. Instead, you ought to just keep running until you find someone that runs at the same pace you do. This is (as most pieces of wisdom are) vague as all get out and probably isn't terribly helpful for someone that's already involved, however. I hope this helps!


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I believe that if you chase your goals the love will come organically. Just focus on you and the love will come