Gorky said: "Books are the


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Gorky said: "Books are the ladder of human progress." He is like a wave at sea, always slaps people's hearts. He also gave me a lot of sentiments, told me a lot of truth, let me know the vast world outside. Books have become a good partner in my life. In my life, I can't live without him. Having it is like having a good mood and growing up with me.en I was two or three years old, books began to accompany me Marlboro Cigarettes With Gold Band. At that time, I was still naive and didn't know a few big characters. Both mom and dad told me the story. Whenever I sleep, my mom and dad will read stories, such as the classic stories like "The Ugly Duckling Cheep Newports With Stamps," "Three Monks," "The Daughter of the Sea." I am traveling in the world of books time went by Buy Newports Cheap In The Usa, I went to elementary school. The desire to read has also become stronger. Every Saturday and Sunday, I go to the bookstore and the library to read books and borrow books. At that time, I especially liked "Brooklyn has a tree" written by American writer Betty Smith. It tells the story of several children growing up in Brooklyn and their emotions. With simple emotions, I express the theme that the weaker life will become noble. I also warn people that failure and ridicule are just a small stone on the road of life Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Carton. As long as you have an unyielding heart, you can get the highest value of life. The highest value is --- a happy life. He also taught me the courage and triumph of determination in the face of difficulties, and told me that the road to success is long, but as long as you work hard, you will shrink the long "highway" into a "airway" not far henever I was out of school, I would read a book in a quiet park with a book. Sometimes I was fascinated by reading a book, forgot my time, and I was embarrassed by my parents. When I was in elementary school, I saw the most articles and works about Lu Xun. For example, his essay collection "Chao Hua Xi Jie" and prose poetry "Wild Grass" and other famous literary masterpieces. In my memory, "The Flower of the Sun" has a deep memory for me. He tells Lu Xun's childhood memories and expectations. It has shaped a group of people who have had a profound influence on Lu Xun Newport Cigarettes With Newyork Stamps, such as the earth, Mr. Fujino and so on. The article also reflects Lu Xun's recollection of his own life, as well as the dissatisfaction and hatred of being a society. "Wild Grass" expresses Lu Xun's own philosophy of life and life scenes, especially with the inscription at the beginning, which deeply affects me. He reveals Lu Xun's inner sorrow and struggle, which reflects Lu Xun's helplessness and expectation for life at that time. Whenever I read these books, there were always some different feelings and inner entanglements in my heart.wly, I have read more and more books. Books such as "Wolf King Dream", "The Watchman in the Rye" and When I was in middle school, the increase in the amount of work sometimes made me busy, but it also prevented me from reading. In the past few days, I went to the bookstore to choose a few good books. In these books, I really like the novel "Island" written by Victoria Heathrow. It tells the story of World War II, the whole continent of Europe is full of fire and smoke. War, destruction, people's hearts. But in the Greek Aegean seaside, a small island named Spina Longge, which is separated from the land by only one water, is desolate and peaceful, just like another world that is isolated from the world. This book has a rich Mediterranean style, deep Cretan culture, and the complex situation of the special group of "leprosy patients", and the deep love between husband and wife, sisters, mothers and daughters, or lovers, or Depressed, or temperate, tempered by war and illness, fighting against the fate of injustice, true love and courage and tolerance to these great and ordinary people, passed down from generation to generation. This story life stems from books. Books have become an inseparable part of my life. He always instills nutrition into me, so that I can grow up happily in the book and live healthy in the book. Books are so beautiful, so magical, so dazzling. Let's study together.