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Feeling Good About Yourself


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Self love is so important for many reasons. You want to be comfortable in the body that you are in and learn to love both your strengths and weaknesses. I know everyone has a different way of feeling good about themselves. Mine would be going to the gym. I love to run and lift weights. It makes me feel good about my body and really boosts my spirits. What are some things you do to practice self love?


I like to take walks. It always makes me feel good about myself - physically, mentally, emotionally - and gives me a good feeling overall, even if I’m hurting a bit afterwards.

Sometimes I just sit down and think positive thoughts, whether it’s after I get something done, and point out that I accomplished something small. I say to myself “Hey, you got your laundry done today, good job!” Sometimes I spend a little extra time getting ready for the day and I look at myself in the mirror and pick out things that I like about my appearance that day. Or sometimes when I go out of my way to help a loved one or do something nice for a stranger, I remind myself of the fact that I’m a good person and even though I have flaws, I deserve self love.