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Feeling Good About Yourself


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Self love is so important for many reasons. You want to be comfortable in the body that you are in and learn to love both your strengths and weaknesses. I know everyone has a different way of feeling good about themselves. Mine would be going to the gym. I love to run and lift weights. It makes me feel good about my body and really boosts my spirits. What are some things you do to practice self love?


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My self-love journey has certainly been a bumpy ride. I've always had my ups and downs but I have found that yoga, positive affirmations and meditation have helped me a lot in that aspect. Eating healthy also gives me a great boost because I feel it is a form of self-love versus the really junky food that I eat when I'm not in a very self-loving phase. To each their own I guess but, as you said, self-love is so important for many reasons so it is vital to find one's unique expression of self love.


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This is a relatively new concept for me that I've been trying to work on over the past 2-3 years. We aren't always taught that it's ok to give ourselves care and attention. Like Yomna, I'm also working on eating healthy and really paying attention to the way it makes my body feel. I also try to get out in nature several times a week and make a conscious effort to disconnect from screens and devices to give my mind a rest. I have started seeing a therapist to try and take care of my emotional well-being as well. Really working on this holistic approach here!


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It might sound silly, but my favorite self-love activity is my skin care routine. I have a few creams and oils that I use consistently in the evening and in the morning, and doing it just makes me feel better about myself. I know I'm feeling down when I let my skincare routine slides. Many times, just ensuring that I have those extra few minutes in the morning and evening can pull me out of a rut.


I feel good about myself when someone appreciates my effort and also if I reached something that I really want to achieve for example finished my job early and exceptionally, made a lot of money and etc.