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Easy things you can do to "Escape"

So often in life we feel the desire to just get away from it all, to tune everyone and everything out, to freeze time, so to speak. It is getting more difficult than ever to do so in this world where everyone is so intimately connected through the Internet. For me, my favorite escapes are not the rare vacations or weekends or holidays. Rather, sometimes it is just nice to put the phone aside and read a nice book, or take a soothing and relaxing bubble bath. These thoughts are hardly original, but they really are timeless in allowing us a break and chance to collect our thoughts.


I agree, a trip is a good way to "escape". I always come back refreshed from my trips. In my everyday life I don't have time to read a book, but I love reading during holidays.
When I don't have a possibility to travel, I can watch a movie or go out for a walk, do things that make me happy. Sounds like a cliche but it totally works!
Sometimes I just make a cup of tea, sit on the balcony and look at what other people are doing. :)


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Working out can also be a nice way to escape from society for few hours. Just turn off the phone, play some music if you wish and you can relax your brain. Not to mention all the health benefits you gain by doing this.


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Personally, I have two go-to strategies: working out and reading a good book. I don't always want to start a workout, but I always feel better once I have it done. I also find reading to be much more of an escape than browsing the news, looking at social media, etc.

OlgaC, I love the idea of sitting on the balcony with a cup of tea!


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I enjoy playing music and losing myself in it. I particularly enjoy ballads and spiritual music. I find that contemporary Christian worship music allows me to reset and refill my energy meter.


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One thing I do to escape is meditating. By doing this, I was able to relax and allow myself to think of nothing but calmness. I disregard all the negativities that I have encountered throughout the day and just enjoy the relaxing feeling of meditation.


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In this materialistic world, nature is the perfect escape. Many people would start their escapade with music but the music from electronics doesn't provide that true sense, working out in a closed room seems similar. For a true escape, becoming lost in the world I would go to the top of my house at the evening, open my shirt buttons and feel the breeze passing through me. The closed eyes and the fluttering shirt provide me that escape occasionally.


A great, intense workout always makes the noisy brain stop. But I guess that's just a momentary escape.

For long-term escape, I like to go camping/mountaineering for a few days. Many of my greatest realizations came from this.