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Do you think Mosalingua is good?


I've been using it to learn Italian and so far it seems quite good. Still, one thing that bothers me a bit is how good it actually is. I'm planning on buying the premium version for German, but I don’t want to spend money on something that might not be worth it.

Has any of you used it?


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Yes, I used Mosalingua to learn French and I pretty good. This is having many useful and worthy features that worked to learn a language fast but still there are many more improvements required in it.

Also, I found the price is bit high so as per my view it is not worth to pay for Mosalingua, you can instead use the Duolingo app, the best part is it free and is best to start learning a language with it.

Despite this it is beautifully designed and user-friendly and allow learning simple sentences from Day 1.

So, I don’t find spending a single penny on Mosalingua app is worth but don’t believ it because I am suggesting you. Just read the complete review of Duolingo app and then make your own decision