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Do you like the hair on my profile picture?

Alipearl hair

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Do you like the hair on my profile picture?
It is Alipearl hair company's #P4/27 color straight lace front wig, it is highlight wig.
Highlight wig is made of 100% human hair, and adds lighter and brighter highlights to the natural gloss, brown, to form a mixed highlight color, making the dark coloring look more vibrant and fashionable.

Adding highlights in lighter shades like light brown or blonde will accentuate the hair's vividness, accentuate the style, create depth, and provide the illusion of fullness, compared to a monochrome wig with just one color. Tired of just having one color, highlight hair will be a great option.

And this Brown hair with blonde highlights can add a warm feeling to your face and personality.
If you also want to get one,you can search Alipearl hair to get one!