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Disputes caused by members of members

Judd Toms

Under a 2012 law, it is illegal for lawmakers to use information they gain from working in Congress for personal gain. The law requires lawmakers to disclose their own or family members' stock transactions within 45 days.

As the Pelosi family's deal report has gained traction, many have questioned lawmakers' "unfair advantage" in the stock market and sparked calls to bar members of Congress from making any trades.

Pelosi herself is not a stock trader, but her husband, Paul Pelosi, often trades a large number of stocks, which has raised doubts that some of his "precise manipulations" benefited from inside information Pelosi obtained.

In January, Democrats in the U.S. Congress introduced a bill that would bar members of Congress and their families from trading stocks while they were in office, but so far the proposal has not passed.

Under pressure, Pelosi reversed her stance that month, saying she was willing to move forward with the legislation, after defending lawmakers' stock-trading rights in December.