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Completing one project a week


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I'm notorious for putting longterm personal projects on the backburner. Three novels, three video games (both narrative and coding scripts), and various half lined, half colored illustrations. Lately, though I've been trying to commit myself to finish one project a week. It can be something short like a chapter for a novel, a short story, or an illustration. I haven't been perfect and there have definitely been days where I've skipped working on things, but over the past few weeks I've managed to finish two illustrations and five short stories. Not everything I've completed is worthy of being shared and some of it will definitely remain in my writing folder or sketchbook, never to be shared with the world, but I can at least say that I've completed it.
I'd still like to get better about actually finishing projects (or starting them in some cases--sometimes I just get too overwhelmed by the unknown factors that I can't even start).
What sort of things do you do to commit to a project? How do you make yourself start even if you're unsure if you can complete it to the fullest extent of your vision?