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Bob Proctor's Paradigm Shift Review

Okay, so this isn't a course so much as an online seminar, but I figured this was a good place to share my thoughts. For those who don't know who Bob is, he's a personal development coach comparable to Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, or Brian Tracy.

Overall, I thought the program was excellent. I'd give the content a 5/5. What I didn't like was all the constant up selling into more expensive programs. I kind of felt like I watched the free videos and was told to buy Paradigm Shift to get all the good stuff. But then when I got on Paradigm Shift, they told me that all the good stuff is really in the Matrix program.

This aside, it was an amazing experience. I recommend checking out Bob's free stuff on Youtube, especially the Born Rich Seminar from a while back. Paradigm shift is basically an updated version.