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Becoming an open-minded person


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Hello! My name is Jon, and I am on a journey to become as open-minded as I possibly can! I have found that not only does this allow me to live a more exciting life, but has really helped me grow as a person. Being open to new things has brought so many amazing opportunities for me. In fact, I decided to make a move to Taiwan several months ago to experience a unique and beautiful culture before life inevitably takes the reigns.

When I was in my teen years, I was honestly quite closed-minded and stubborn. One day I realized that the life I was living was not healthy mentally, so I made the best change of my life. I started saying yes to everything (within reason), and I couldn't be happier about this change.

Has anyone else had a similar lifestyle change like this? How did it go for you?


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@JonQuinnHubble I have been going through a similar transition. I have always being the person who everyone can count one. If I made a commitment to someone/something I always had to follow through until the end and if I would feel disappointed if others did not give me the same treatment. I simply have been on a transition to be kinder to myself. I am making the same commitment to myself and have a set a limit on my commitments!


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I used to be a too narrow minded person but I have changed a lot in last 10 years. Before I used to be against almost all modern aspects as if the old world was a nicer place to live in but then I read that how much atrocities took place across the world and that humanity was humiliated even then. I began to applaud the new thoughts and gradually turned into an open minded person.