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Archetypes for self-transformation


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Throughout my life I continue to encounter books and discussions about archetypes. Not only how they have the potential to shape our culture and sometimes skew our reality but also how archetypes can be used in a positive way to change something about our behavior or way of life that no longer serves us as individuals. I have dabbled with using archetypes on occasion, particularly if I am in a situation where I feel uneasy and out of place. My favorite archetypes for these moments help me feel like I belong anywhere. I know performers such as Beyoncé use an alter ego to calm their nerves when they are performing on stage. Do you think this is pretty much the same thing as identifying with a particular archetype? Have you had any experiences working with archetypes and feedback about said experiences?


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I've heard of a very successful method that I think would work very well: what you do, is you look at a person who is successful who you look up to, and copy them. That sounds sarcastic, but it really works. If someone before you had the same problem you do and they got out of it, copy them! Theres no shame in that, you're just being smart! So I would try that, and see if that works for you :)


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I definitely think you're on to something jay05 and I have to agree with EliGray's points as well. As they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery! The best part about these archetypes is that you can find someone who fits the bill in any given discipline, job, career, etc. to look up to! If you want to be a better athlete, you have countless hall of famers to chose from in every sport and you have how many successful entrepreneurs look up to if you want your business to succeed.