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Hi guys I just wanted to share with you that I am very happy, my kid is doing just great after 4 months of struggling with his allergie, his is Cow´s Milk Protein Intolerant
and has been very difficult to us to adapt because our whole diet changed, no milk, no chips I mean even candies where contaminated so we couldn´t eat them and after 4 months of struggling I think we are just getting used to it.

Have you experienced something like this?


Yes! My daughter had a cow milk protein allergy, egg allergy and a possible gluten intolerance. So basically we couldn't eat anything processed. Luckily she grew over most of it, and now she can have some milk products although I still prefer to give her coconut or almond milk. I personally also think they are healthier.


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So happy to hear that you are getting used to this huge life adjustment. Allergies can really put a wrench into your life as severe dietary allergies make it more difficult to do nearly everything. My fiance has several allergies including carrots, tree nuts, and several different fruits. The hardest of all to deal with is carrots. Knowing how difficult that is, I couldn't imagine a milk protein allergy. Best wishes for all those managing allergies.


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I have a condition called to EOE in which enables me to swallow food when my allergies flare up. I had allergy testing done and I’m allergic to wheat, pork, beef, milk and seafood. I am in the process of changing my diet and it is difficult. So of the foods I like eating the most contains these ingredients any tips for diet changes.