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Affirmation Needed!


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Anyone else deal with needing affirmation in their relationship? I don't need someone to tell me every five minutes that I'm doing a good job, but every once in a while wouldn't hurt! I guess I'm feeling a little uneasy with my new jobs as "mom" and "homemaker" that I feel like I've been needing a little encouragement here and there. I've never been that type of person to need someone to say I'm doing a good job or need affirmation before, but I've been feeling uneasy lately. Any recommendations?


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I am currently working on that as well! Previously the main worker in the family, my husband and I switched when I went back to school last year. I still work, but mostly study-based and often without pay for the sake of learning my new field. I had some trouble feeling like I wasn't contributing enough, or feeling lazy, even though I am often busy with homework, work, and classes for 12+ hours a day and exhausted from pushing myself. I talked to my husband about it pretty regularly, mostly to make sure that he didn't feel any lack of contribution on my part. He usually took that moment to reassure me, and then we moved on. One thing that helps me is to regularly affirm HIS hard work. I mean it and it makes him feel good, and often putting the energy in that you feel like you need will make it more generally present in the relationship. He affirms me more frequently when I started doing it for him. It helps to keep us both aware of the other's needs.


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I love that! That's totally how I feel, like I'm not contributing because I'm not making money. My husband and I have had a talk sometimes, but it's usually when I have a complete meltdown...Which isn't the way it should be. We should communicate more because we are very different people when it comes to our emotions. I'm going to have to try your method and affirm his hard work.
Thank you for the advice!


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Dear aawaldron,

The dilemma you are facing is a natural trait that is embedded in our thought process and, as being social animals, it is something we all may have felt at one point in our lives. Firstly, the input of a mom and a homemaker is a fundamental element which decides the nature of a society: you are the ones that up bring children and calibrate their attributes; including the quality of their vision, attitude towards humanity, and sense of a perfect balance between optimism and pessimism. In a collective sense, these attributes are valid in all cultures, races, and countries alike; and if taught in a right way, a global achievement of progress, peace and equality can be acquired.

Secondly, parents are the first teachers of a child and they should make sure to feed alacrity and goodwill into them. However, this onerous task is energy demanding and might exhaust you at some point. Revitalization from this exhaustion can be done in several ways, and one of them is getting acknowledgment and admiration from friends,family and peers (something you are seeking). But remember, it is not necessary that the person you might be seeking this affirmation from is at the same level of mental vibration and status as you are; therefore, you might not get what you were expecting.

Keeping all these things in mind, let me assure you that your duty is of the most profound nobility, and this alone can fuel your motivation. The universe is sending you positive vibes and it is not necessary that it may come in the form of the afore mentioned 'affirmation'. It will come in other forms however. By doing this, you are laying the foundational bricks of our society, and as karma is real, you will get your reward not matter what!

Just exploit this fact and stay positive. Without you guys, humanity will be nothing!

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