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"A plant is no better than the soil that it's in."


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I believe everyone has this vision of who they want to be, how they want to be perceived by others, and how they want to make their "mark" in this world. Often we have these ideas of how we can become a better person and this quote suggests we ought to consider our foundation and where we "ground" ourselves. I think some of the questions we should be asking ourselves are:

1) What is most important to you?

For Example: What morals and values would you never sway from? How can you keep your promise to yourself to never sway from those morals and values?​
2) Who do you surround yourself by?

For Example: Do you spend time with people who are doing "better" than you - around people you can learn from? Are there family or friends in your life that are not beneficial to your growth that would be better off being loved from a distance?​
3) What are you feeding your(spiritual)self?

For Example: Are you listening to dark depressing music or songs that are inspirational or uplifting? Are you spending more time watching pointless television, soaking in fake news, and scrolling through social media? Or are you reading to learn, having thoughtful discussions, going to seminars, doing your favorite hobby, volunteering - helping the less fortunate etc... ?​

What are some questions you think one should ask themselves as it relates to personal growth and creating an environment for themselves in which they can grow to be the person they envision themselves to be?

FYI - This quote came from Bishop TD Jakes