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“A Brave New World,” by Alduous Huxley


I am currently reading this for the second time. As I watch our society develop, I can’t help but think back to what I read in this book. I wonder how much we will change? Will we go as far as this?


Huxley wrote another piece about this, Brave New World Revisited. It's a series of essays in which he talks about that.
For him, we were staring to live (this was on the 50s by the way) in a mixture of the worst of Brave new world and the worst of 1948. Mind you, I think we should also add the worst of Fahrenheit 451.

We tend to get almost immediately what we want (through credit), but what we desire is not really big because we have been teach to enjoy just certain things. What’s more, we ourselves limit what we want because we only want what is easy and quick.