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    Learn to respect everyone, every day, everywhere and anyway. life is kind of hard with people, most times we are afraid of our feelings, emotions, fears, and pain because sometimes those we trust tend to fail us. you never can tell what someone close is going through please respect them, value...
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    Winners never quit and quitters never win

    To start a job or work is sometimes easy but there will come to a stage when u will think that you cant finish it, don't let this be your way of life. ask the rich and successful people in life about how they became successful and you will discover getting success is not easy..they must have...
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    we surely have some candle people in our life. their smiles, support, kindness, love, care, prayers, calls, messages surely help people like me. I have so far experienced a lot. one professor and a doctor adopted me as their son, while I was on the street of life for survival and the story is...
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    Decision making (RIGHT OR WRONG)

    Making good decision can lead you down the right path and wrong decision will lead us down the wrong path. learn from your bad decision and improve upon them this will lead you to make the right one which will help you in life. if you make the bad decision and you decide not to make an amendment...
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    Start your day with invention

    Take control of the morning so you take control of your day. It’s more important than anything. Sleep 30 minutes less if you need to. Give this to yourself. Are you happy with your life? Are you where you want to be? If you answered yes, turn the audio off. 

If your answer is no… and you want...
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    research and acquire knowledge to be successful

    we were all born to fulfill a dream but your dream might just be different from mine.u might not notice this in your early age but with time,u realize that gift and for you to put that gift to usefulness, try and do research concerning people who u think have the same gift as you have and how...
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    Your background does not determine your future

    The beginning of your life sometimes does not determine what you will become in life. You may have been born poor, but u were not born to be poor. You may have been brought up poor, but u were not brought up to be poor. The background where u come out from does not determine who u will become...
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    As you start achieving your goals and start living life differently, take some time out to help others, help people set goals, show them how it is done, as the majority of people do not have any goals, they have no dreams, and no ambition as they have let the world condition them into believing...