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    Virtual Health and Wellness Coaching

    Hi everyone! I am posting in here because I really want to make sure that everyone knows that whatever your health and wellness goals are, they are achievable. You have the capability of helping yourself feel better, you can lose weight, you can love yourself, but it is difficult to do alone...
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    Managing Body Image Disorders

    I have struggled for quite some time now with my own body image. I have dialed in my nutrition and really focused on what my body needs to be fulfilled and nourished but I still have moments where I just can't seem to love myself the way I am supposed to. Does anyone have advice for how their...
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    Dealing with Difficult Bosses

    So I am in a difficult position where I am working for someone that has no understanding of my skill set or what our business needs to be successful. He is pushing for unrealistic goals and is overly focused on unimportant things. I am struggling because I feel that I am not appreciated in my...