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    Becoming a Hero

    What Makes a Hero is probably one of my favorite TED talks ever. And not just because I'm a writer. While at face value this video covers novel protagonists, I also kind of see it as something everyone goes through. All of us have to go on our own journeys to find who we are and return to what...
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    Let's Talk About Stress

    Hello Neuronauts, So as a growing child in disguise adult I've come to realize everything is stress inducing. Things that were fun are scary. Bills perpetually loom overhead. Talking to anyone a step above me in the workplace had become intimidating. I've always been a chin up, friendly...
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    Becoming A Writer

    Hello Neuronauts I've long been on the road to becoming a writer, from sending out story submissions and publishing articles to graduating from college with a journalism degree. Now while I'm lucky enough to have a job in my field, I haven't been able to write creatively in years at this point...