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    Prioritizing Sleep

    Time for bed! You need your sleep. Training for a marathon, weightlifting in the gym, and even routine workouts can be demanding on the body. Your muscles need some shut-eye to repair. So be sure to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep on a regular basis. It can be difficult at first...
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    Taking An Ice Bath

    I just ran my fourth marathon and this is my tip for any runners in training - ice bath. Once you start running into the double digits, an ice bath is an effective way to speed up your recovery and can be done within a few hours or even a few days after your run. Make sure your body starts off...
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    A Runner's Hungry Mindset

    Eating according to a schedule is beneficial to everyone—but especially runners. Your body is a machine, and you can think of food as the fuel that keeps the engine running smoothly. You never want the tank to run low. Three meals and three snacks are the best way to go. You never should go more...
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    Increasing Water Intake

    I get headaches the moment I’m dehydrated. It’s like clockwork! I recently bought myself a new water bottle that tells me exactly how many ounces I’m drinking each day. I’ve found it to be profoundly helpful in encouraging my water intake each day. Although now I have to over constantly, I...
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    Remembering Names

    You know when you're introduced to someone new and you're so focused on smiling, shaking their hand, and making a good first impression that you completely blank on the name they just told you five seconds before? That happens to me all the time and it's the worst. I told my boss about it. I...
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    Reducing Screen Time

    My husband and I recently made a new rule in our house - no more phones when we eat dinner or hang out just the two of us. We've designated a spot in our house where our phones go. It's like a little cubby that they sit in. Out of sight out of mind. We started doing this when we noticed how...