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    Recovery Time

    I find that my muscles and body appreciate 2 day breaks from the gym every so often. But even though a 2 day break is nice, I find that even after a 2 day break that I get pretty sore once I'm back in the gym. Any thoughts on things to do during the 2 day break that would decrease muscle...
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    Dealing with Adult Acne

    A lot of things can cause it to flare up again. Stress, certain foods, not showering soon after you workout. Rodan and Fields is what I used before I got married and it helped keep me from breaking out. I've found that soda and fried food make me break out. Cleaning up your diet could possibly...
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    Advice for kicking a sugar habit

    Getting over a sugar addiction is hard, I've done it. But once you get out of the need to have so much sugar, when you do have too much you will feel gross and ready to get back to a low-sugar diet. Simply saying no to sugar filled foods over time, taking a walk or making yourself busy when you...
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    How to get over the fear of leaving your first job

    I was lucky to get my current job right out college. It's been a great first job and the people I work with are great, but I'm ready for something different. The thing is though, I'm scared to leave. I don't know how to let them know once I find a different job. I'm also really nervous that I...
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    Prioritizing Sleep

    I don't know how people without a routine bedtime function some times! I love having a normal sleep schedule and I can always tell a difference in my mood and energy levels when I don't get enough quality sleep.
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    Motivation to stay on track once you reach your goal

    A few years ago I started counting macros with a nutrition coach and was able to lose close to 40 pounds in a year. Once I hit that point I took a little break and got to a point where I was happy with how far I'd managed to make it in a year and got a little slack. After I got married this past...