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    How to pull yourself out a funk

    We've all been there. A bad day where it seems everything goes wrong. Or just maybe nothing goes right. Sometimes it's all too tempting to say "screw it!" and buy yourself some greasy fast food and your alcohol of choice and just unwind in front of the tv for the night. But, we all also know...
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    Goal: Pay off all intrest accruing debt by age 30

    I'm pretty fortunate in that financial aid and scholarships helped me through a Bachelors and Masters program with relatively little debt compared to my peers. But that being said, I lived in an obscenely expensive city for grad school and quickly found myself up to my ears in credit card debt...
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    Harry Potter quotes

    Often the media we consume tend to stick with us throughout life. For me, I grew up with Harry Potter and continue to appreciate it now that I'm an adult. Whenever I'm having a rough time I listen to an audio book or rewatch a movie. There's so much good, inspirational content in the series...