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    Recovery Time

    I find that my muscles and body appreciate 2 day breaks from the gym every so often. But even though a 2 day break is nice, I find that even after a 2 day break that I get pretty sore once I'm back in the gym. Any thoughts on things to do during the 2 day break that would decrease muscle...
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    How to get over the fear of leaving your first job

    I was lucky to get my current job right out college. It's been a great first job and the people I work with are great, but I'm ready for something different. The thing is though, I'm scared to leave. I don't know how to let them know once I find a different job. I'm also really nervous that I...
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    Motivation to stay on track once you reach your goal

    A few years ago I started counting macros with a nutrition coach and was able to lose close to 40 pounds in a year. Once I hit that point I took a little break and got to a point where I was happy with how far I'd managed to make it in a year and got a little slack. After I got married this past...