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    "My advice to everybody is to never feel like you are better than anyone else. At some point. We were all beginners"

    This is a quote from Dana Linn Bailey. She is a bodybuilder, the first woman to win the Physique title. She, and her husband, are truly inspiring. They now own multiple businesses, but started from almost nothing with only determination to go on. I love this quote because it is applicable to...
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    "Greatness begins at the end of our comfort zone"

    I had to look up the original speaker of the quote, Robin Sharma I believe. My husband's boss says it quite frequently but I was pretty sure he did not coin the phrase. There are a lot of variations of it, but I find it inspiring. It reminds me that it is important to expand your circle, of...
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    Weights and Bodybuilding

    There was a time when I was only comfortable going into the gym and doing cardio, swimming or jogging or something that I was familiar with. When I met my husband, we started going to the gym together. He is a bodybuilder (for fun, not competing) and his workouts looked way more fun than mine...
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    Life and career changes

    I gave a short talk to a University 101 class recently about my status as a non-traditional student. The instructor met me at my internship, where I am learning more about my second career choice of editor (I actually went back to school to be a college English professor and then switched to...
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    The First Step is Always the Hardest

    Something that I've encountered a lot recently, both within others and struggled with myself: getting started. Making the first step is always the hardest. A task seems so much more daunting when it looms on the horizon. Once you've started, it is something that you are actively doing, working...