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    Gratitude to Veterans

    This Sunday is Veterans' Day. In honor of that, I wanted to write an article about the who, why and how in hopes to enlighten others about the importance of appreciation for our freedom. Who: While all military members deserve our gratitude because they chose a career of national defense, there...
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    Name associations for remembering names help needed! Part 2

    Honored to help. I am sorry you could not use the images. I tried other formats before using PDF.
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    Writing 101

    Thank you for the compliment, Waldemar. I am in United States. How about you?
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    Name associations for remembering names help needed! Part 2

    I wanted to take the opportunity to create a few more images & update a few names so that there would be less of a concern toward copyrights. Please let me know if you cannot see the attachment. Yours, Phil
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    Writing 101

    Michelle, I am not an English teacher but I do want to apply to a few universities so that I can teach, though. I am very thankful to God who granted me with the ability to learn APA when I was in my associates degree plan several years ago. Now, I see it as a way to help others. I am glad you...
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    Work-Related Emails 101

    Most organizations with at least 100 employees or more are likely to have their own intranet service, which means most of the team members would have work email addresses. With the power curve of fast-pace communication changing the way we send information, I realize it might be hard not to get...
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    Citing 101

    What Citing is: Citing is accrediting resources that were used to support the information, statement or argumentative point within the respective sentence. Why Citing it Important: -It shows that the writer did research -It helps avoid plagiarism -It provides means of continuity...
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    Writing 101

    Below, I have created an example outline to help explain and demonstrate effective writing. Usually, the most difficult part of writing is figuring out what to write about. In most cases for high school and college settings, teachers and instructors usually assign the topics as well as what...
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    Grammar 101

    Effective communication depends upon consideration toward the audience; specifically, how the audience will receive the information, where they will receive it at and why they are to receive it are important factors. There is not much difference between information in written format vs speech...
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    Sunday Scaries

    I do agree with the above strategies to reduce anxiety when it comes to starting a new work week. However, I starting thinking about why people might have anxiety about Monday. Maybe the thought of having to go into work after having two days off is a difficult adjustment, both physically and...
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    Leadership 101: Enter, Servant Leadership

    Ch10206, Thank you for the interesting reference to wolves. I must admit nature has a way of humbling me when I think about how animals can demonstrate leadership, parenting and other skills in better ways than what us humans can. The pack of wolves does accurately represent servant leaders...
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    Leadership 101: Enter, Servant Leadership

    Even though most of the world of business within US uses standard leadership doctrine consistent with the long study available at, I want to talk about servant leadership (2018). I apologize in advance for all of the weird adds they have, that in my opinion, are more of a...
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    Best resources to learn French?

    I was able to hold a somewhat effective conversation within three months after I started learning Spanish. I was able to qualify for an official bilingual status within about a year or two. Just in case you wish to know, testing involves three forms of communicating, which is speaking, reading...
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    Phil, married since 2002. Resides in Texas. Edu: Specialized in APA Style, essay writing, MS...

    Phil, married since 2002. Resides in Texas. Edu: Specialized in APA Style, essay writing, MS Excel, Statistics, Photoshop, etc. Bach: Business Mng., local college./Asoc: Business Admin: Online Current Employment: Maint. Sup. at a local transp. co, Related skills: Safety, leadership, data entry...
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    Best resources to learn French?

    Hi MichelleSP, I know you asked about programs, but I want to suggest a different strategy first. You already have the most important ingredient... desire. Before I explain the strategy I used to teach myself Spanish, I want to explain why it worked. You see, for the most part, people learn...
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    Creativity and clutter

    Hayeske, Welcome to the club of the perfectly imperfect. According to several personality and skills tests I have completed, I have strong analytical and organizational skills. This is a blessing and a curse. The good part of these skills is that I can often think outside the box or see things...
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    Should I talk to my friend about his alcoholism?

    Hi Ch10206, First, let me say that I apologize for what your friend is going through. Also, I want to thank you for caring, for having courage to address the subject, and most importantly, for your awesome wisdom to seek guidance before attempting to talk with your friend. If I were you, I...
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    Coined Qoutes

    This is a small collection of quotes that I have created as well as a few others that I found inspiring. Disclaimer: There is a possibility of coincidence that someone else may have stated these quotes, but if so, I was not aware. "Innovation is achievable through art, research, dedication...
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    Name associations for remembering names help needed! Part 2

    Alex: (ginger) Ale + x Armando: Arm + and + o Beatrice: Beet + rice Carlos: Car + lo(w) + s Diego: Dee + egg + o Eduardo: Ed + (a)ward + o Felipe: Fe (sans lion) + lip + ee (Disclaimer: no relation) ....(!Aye, Felipe!) <-- What my mother-n-law calls me when she is mad at me Gertrude: Grrr (growl...