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    Spin Bike

    Has anyone made the switch from taking spin classes to buying a home bike with virtual workouts? Do you use it more or less? Are the virtual workouts (almost) as good? What are the other pros/cons? I have a spin studio I love but I recently moved further away. I also often go to the class with...
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    Thanks for the article! Some cool apps in there I hadn’t seen before. I’ve never been a Siri user, but maybe it’s time to start :-) Getting in early might be an option... if I’m going to have to wake up earlier I better start re-forming my routine now...!
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    I used to have a great commute; it was a 30 minute walk or a 15 minute bike ride. I liked to get some fresh air especially in the morning. Now, I have a 45 minute train commute. Not as great as what I had, but at least I can read a book, listen to a podcast or get my to do list set for the day...
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    Creativity and clutter

    I definitely have this problem, and one thing that helped was to go to the Container Store and get a few organizing containers. When everything had a specific place it could be put away, it’s easier to tidy up. Another thing that helped me downsize (after reading Kondo’s book!) was to choose one...
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    Learning How to Adult

    Congratulations on graduating! If there is a single piece of advice I could give to myself in my early 20’s, it’s: don’t be a flake. We live in a world with an overwhelming amount of opportunities and choices, and a seemingly “always on” communication channel. It’s still important to commit to...
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    Sunday Scaries

    How do you beat the Sunday anxiety cloud that comes with the weekend coming to a close? I’ve been trying “Self-care Sunday” - put on a hydrating face mask, make a cup of tea and light a nice candle, read a magazine. Doing pretty well in distracting myself from the anxiety of the week ahead!
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    Finishing Things

    This is a mind shift habit that takes time and real dedication to break. Maybe try setting a reward for yourself that you can only have once you fully complete the task? Keep at it!
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    Tips on job searching

    Don’t forget to look on Glassdoor. There’s advice on what the interviews are like - even if you aren’t at that stage or can’t find the exact job title you are applying for, the notes from other applicants might give hints at what is important to the company in the process or what their culture...
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    Achieving Success

    Great stuff, r.nuno! You sound very internally motivated. It sounds silly, but I’m a big believer in daydreaming. There are so many options for how we can fill quiet time or silence. Music, TV, reading, killing time on the smartphone or computer, etc. Letting your mind wander into a future...
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    Professional wear

    What is your strategy for starting or keeping up a wardrobe of professional “office appropriate” clothes? (Assuming dress code is business casual?) I like to wear blazers so I try to find them on secondhand sites like threadup. I still feel like I end up wearing the same things a lot of the time.
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    Keeping in touch

    I have several friends who I would consider very close to me, but they live far away. Whenever we get back together it’s amazing- just like when we were in the same place. But, I have a hard time keeping up consistent communication. I talk to each one every other month or so and text maybe once...
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    Personal Milestones

    Most goals are a “result” - I’d like to run a marathon, I’d like to play my favorite song on the guitar, I’d like to have a garden, etc. So, yes- you have to break them down into activities you can control on a daily basis! If you are learning or working on something new, you may not know what...
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    Making New Friends as an Adult

    Small talk comes easily to some people. It doesn’t for me. There’s nothing wrong with preparing a few topics before you go to a social gathering. When in doubt, ask questions! I live in a rat-race city so I always try to avoid talking about work. “Where are you from, originally?” is a good...