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    Remember everyone's name forever: App Beta Testers wanted

    That will be great. I use the android device and I will wait until it comes. I hope this app will be user-friendly and fun making app in the USA, and if you make other country versions, then also in the world :)
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    Remember everyone's name forever: App Beta Testers wanted

    I am interested.This is already going to be mid of August; What about Android tester? I think this app will be great fun with some nice facilities and benefits. Please update us.Thanks!
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    Free Memory Training Series

    Definitely, all these posts on the blog are fantastic. You can add some polls in some articles and also can lunch some weekly quizzes on the articles of the week (forum posts may be). This would be a great practice of increasing memory power :) Thanks!
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    Often I use their resources for my learning interests and the system is cool. Every day new resources are added to the server and students have a vast scope to learn and develop skills. I have completed two courses from Udemy and looking for my next one. The course schedule is a big problem for...
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    Importance of Surroundings in Self-Hypnosis

    Last few times I was failed to concentrate on my self-hypnosis practice because of my surroundings! I don't practice daily but sometimes I do. The first problem I identified that the place is not quite enough for my practice. I was staying in a friend's house that night and the environment was...
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    Trying to Save More, Spend Less

    Definitely, you took a good initiative but there should be some policies adjusting with your previous lifestyles. It's wisest to try and change day by day. You can make a list of major and minor things you spend money on. Priority basis you control your expenditure and also the demand of your...
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    Young adult books

    After publishing on Telegraph, I have checked few from the list and really these books are awesome for teenagers love books. Though I couldn't review all but I believe all are standard books. I am giving the link below.Thanks...
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    Personal dvelopment & Health

    Sound Hеаlth іѕ always сlоѕеlу linked to our personal dеvеlорmеnt and асhіеvment towards a targeted gоаl. Sо it is іmроrtаnt tо manage tо аrоuѕе thе dеѕіrе tо set and wоrk tоwаrd gоаlѕ іn lіfе. Thіѕ іѕ аn essential element of thе соnсерt оf health and can bе еxреrіеnсеd as a feeling еnhаnсеd bу...
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    Looking for Best free online Certificate course on Google Adsense

    Thank you so much mate.I am using Analytics academy now :)
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    The Desire To Connect With Others

    Agreed and I always feel same as well. Actually, most of the people in this world are habituated to think about own achievements and happiness in own life. Psychologically they cannot take other's success or happiness easily without any hesitation. So, ultimately they cant lead a truly happy...
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    Looking for Best free online Certificate course on Google Adsense

    Dear friends, I am new here. I have been looking for a free online course on Google Adsense. Free means, course materials are free of cost but for course completion certificate if there is small fee then it will be great. Actually, there are many types of free course tutorials including videos...