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    The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - Mark Manson

    Amazon Link: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck (Smiths UK): A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life This is easily one of the greatest self-help book I have read in my life. The book is very clear on one point...
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    (For the curious, it's pronounced noh-oh-troh-pic) A nootropic is a type of drug whose primary function is heightened brain activity. The two most common nootropics are caffeine and nicotine. There are others marketed to heighten brain function. What do you guys think about this topic? Have...
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    Remembering Names Specifically

    Even if you heard them perfectly clear, say "What was that?" And every time they repeat it, you do too.
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    Mind Palace

    The best palaces are places you've personally explored so much, they're solidified in memory. For me, its High School. Lots of rooms down a specific corridor, each room already possessing its own meaning. To go further into this, this is a method of using your imagination and...
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    Working from home

    A lot of information here to try to absorb. I'm new, semi-forcibly entered into the freelance game. I really feel like it'll be a good fit for me, as I tend to dabble with a lot of different skills. I'll be coming back to this thread regularly.
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    Coping with Social Anxiety (Parties are Painful)

    My wife has social anxiety. She's being medicated indirectly for it with Paxil, which she primarily got for post-partem depression. Prior to that, the medication that seemed most effective was AC/DC, a form of extra-mild sativa marijuana that practically acted as a cure. Produced virtually no...
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    I have twin daughters, still infants, that resist sleep more and more as they get older. I don't have any advise. I have no sodding idea how to help. I'm tagging along here to maybe get some advice for myself.
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    Mind Palace

    This is about the mnemonic device known as the mind or memory palace. The object is a little rough to get used to, but the process is simple. First, you imagine a place you've been to many, many times. Preferably, a place with memorable rooms and a clear path from place to place. Next, you...
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    The Value of Patience

    Patience. That little virtue that encompasses... waiting. Waiting for the opportune moment. Waiting for our luck to turn. Waiting for a green light. Waiting for an answer. It goes beyond that, doesn't it? It's waiting...with poise, with calm. It can be as simple as not letting the traffic get...
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    Keeping Your Creative Edge

    Creativity, imagination, invention. The chaotic powers of the mind that create Something from Nothing. It's a little different for everybody, but it drives nearly everything interesting in our lives. How do you stay creative? It doesn't matter if your an artist, a writer, or just someone who...
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    How do I balance my career and taking care of my kids

    It kinda feels like you've transformed this topic into a new topic. I'm not judging anything, that just seems like a really good topic that almost needs it's own focus. Funny how things develop like that.