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    Writing proccess

    Yes, it is helpful, thank you :) The good news is that I've recently regained my inspiration. Apparently, it was just a bad period when it comes to writing. Now I am doing the similar thing that you are doing, but I use the app called Evernote, it helps me feel more organized when it comes to my...
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    Self-Care Habits

    Well, I am not saying that I practice these yet, but here are some of the routines that I look forward to implementing. In addition to my 30 days 100 push-up challenge (I am on day 11), I plan on waking up at 6 AM every morning no matter if I have work to do or not, then I'll proceed with a...
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    Writing proccess

    Thank you, your replies are highly appreciated. But I am more interested in a writing process itself. Meaning how do you do your research step-by-step, and how quick are you able to write let's say a 500-word article for some topics that you are no expert in. You probably had some of these...
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    Get some sleep

    Yes, I agree, but I can't do any work right after a bed. Instead, I would like to have a quick afternoon nap. I heard these are really powerful in terms of memory improvement.
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    Creativity and clutter

    If you work from home, then it's absolutely necessary that you clean your workspace, at least in my humble opinion. Because if you don't you won't be able to concentrate on your work.
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    Writing proccess

    I've been a freelance writer for almost 2 years now, but I still don't have a writing routine. So I was wondering if you could share some routine to make writing easier?
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    Losing my passion

    Thank you so much, Sam, for your kind words and for reading my posts. Yeah, I am ambitious, but these days I can't seem to find the right words to express myself. It may be due to that one-whole-week break I took from writing. Still, I feel that this is just temporary and that I'll be able to...
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    Self-Development and Self-Esteem

    Yeah, I have these troubling thoughts as well that often result in low self-esteem. But that usually happens when I have some extra time to think about my actions and things that I should've done differently. That's the time when I am most self-conscious about myself.
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    Learning to accept critique

    A while back I had this client who didn't like my work. But instead of just accepting the fact that not every client will be satisfied with my work, I let this affect me in the worst ways possible. Now I find myself filled with self-doubt so I was wondering if you could give me some advice on...
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    Making New Friends as an Adult

    WOW, I was thinking about the same thing earlier today. Talking about the law of attraction, huh? Since I am a freelance writer, I often have these thoughts, and the idea that I am going to spend the rest of my life isolated from the world quite terrifies me. I love what I do, but not being...
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    More hours in the the day

    Hello Ralph, I find this post very amusing, you are a true inspiration. I mean, working a full-time job plus taking freelance writing gigs is something that I always thought was impossible. Until I read your post that is. Yes, it is a hustle, but you should be proud as most people aren't that...
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    Losing my passion

    Hi there, lately I've been dealing with some extremely negative thoughts that resulted in a vast amount of self-doubt. As a result, my inspiration is at the all-time low and I can't seem to find a strength to go on with a certain project that requires me to be pretty much at the highest level...
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    Listening to music while writing

    Any writers here? I'd like to know what kind of music do you listen to while working? For me, personally, it's deep house because it instantly gets me in the right mood for writing, and there are no words, so no distractions there.
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    Optimistic Thinking

    Yeah, I mean there are countless books on this topic, but I think that balance is the key here. And by balance I mean trying to always find something positive that will get you through the day, but it is equally important to accept the fact that you are not a positive-thinking-machine and the...
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    Movie recommendations for writers

    Hello there movie lovers, I'd like to hear your opinions about what movies should I watch to inspire myself as a writer. I already watched some of these movies, but I'd like to know if there are more. It doesn't have to revolve around the writing itself, but at the very least, the main character...
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    Trying to eat better

    I'd recommend an app called MyFitnessPal, which is, at least in my humble opinion. the very best app on the market when it comes to tracking calories and macronutrients. Did I mention it's also free? Yes, you have a premium option, but a free version works just fine. It really did and is still...
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    5 Secrets to Writing Non-Sucky Copy For ANY Medium

    WOW. Thanks for sharing. God bless you. Are you a copywriter yourself? What is the single most important advice you'd give to an experienced article writer who is just starting his copywriting career? What courses you'd recommend? Thanks. Also, you might want to check out the enchanting...
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    Writing for 8 hours straight

    Well, that's a good strategy, but I was in a rush as I wanted to impress the new client, and a job was challenging. It was interesting for the most part, but I feel I've dragged out the last part because I wanted to do this quickly. Next time, I am definitely setting up my own pace, just like you.
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    Writing for 8 hours straight

    I write web content for a living, but today, perhaps for a first time in my life, I have been writing for 8 hours straight. It's not a pleasant experience at all as I feel exhausted and empty. Questions for all the writers of the world, how do you cope with that? Do you have some strategy for...
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    Creating YouTube channel

    Yeah, I think so as well, especially given the previous experience and a reputation among the audience. So the script wouldn't be the problem. But a microphone would. Can you recommend some microphone?