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    Starting a Podcast

    That's awesome! Congratulations. I think Podcasting is a great way to get your message out there with minimal risk. And if it is a topic you are passionate about, it should be fun! Good luck and keep us posted.
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    Free online courses thru your library

    I didn’t know that about! Thank you so much for sharing. I have been interested in several courses there and have also heard good things about their quality.
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    A new choir member

    Congrats! There is actually a ton of research that shows the benefit of music and singing. Kudos to you for reaching your goal and doing something that is SO beneficial to your wellbeing. Enjoy it!
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    If you have never checked out Coursera, be sure to do so! They have many free (and even more paid) courses in a wide variety of topics. I took a neat one on Mindsets last year that I really enjoyed.
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    Bullet journals

    Similar to the to-do list thread, does anyone here use Bullet Journals to keep organized? A co-worker swears by it, but I’m not sure exactly what the benefits are. I usually have sticky notes and lists all over the place, which works to a point, but there also has to be a better way.
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    Using your weaker hand

    I can't see how it could hurt? Not only will it be good for the muscles in that hand, it is also good for your brain. Using your right hand activates the left side of your brain, and uses the left hand activates the right side. Going further, any time you use your right hand to cross over to the...
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    How to Get Help from Motivational Materials

    Do you think you are gravitating towards the same kind of materials all the time, and maybe that's why it doesn't work? What if you tried something way outside the box, something that almost makes you uncomfortable at first? Not knowing what kind of motivation you are looking for it's tough to...
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    Pick-me-up music

    I truly believe in the healing powers of music! What is everyone's go-to pick-me-up song? You know, that one that always puts a smile on your face, no matter what is going on? Mine is silly, but every time I hear "Shut Up and Dance" I can't help but smile!
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    Defining success as a young adult

    I think you need to find the happy medium. Yes, life is too short and you need to enjoy it, but you also need to think about your future. I say that mostly because I look at my in-laws. They are in their 60's and in poor health, but can't retire any time soon because they did not save enough...
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    Thank you for this review! I am a musician as well, and often have people asking about my opinion of such apps but I can never really give a good answer, not having used them. Do you think with the paid version it would be good for a beginner? Obviously, nothing can replace a live teacher, but...
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    Review Request: Getting Things Done

    I am very intrigued by this book as well. I think I have requested it from the library before, but by the time it's available I'm usually in the middle of several other books. Do you know of any online resources that the author has made available? I would love to hear from someone who has read...
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    Waking up at 5:30 AM

    Daniel Pink has a new book out called, "When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing." There is a whole section dedicated to sleep and waking times. It also talks about how for most people, doing important or challenging tasks in the morning is best, because of the "slump" we fall into in the...
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    Smarter Faster Better

    Has anyone read the book, "Smarter Faster Better" by Charles Duhigg? I thought it was fabulous! The book talks about how to be productive, and how some people manage to get so much done. Everything from motivation to goal setting. It's easy to read and enjoy, in that there is a good mix of...
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    Weight Managament

    I definitely struggle with this as well. The few times I have been successful at losing weight it's been due to commitment. I switched to a gluten-free diet for several years and that was great. Having to follow something very strict at that time worked for me. I've also had success using a...
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    Rocks, Pebbles and Sand

    This video was actually sent to me this morning, as I was talking to someone about prioritizing time for a project I want to complete. While many of us may have already heard the Rocks, Pebbles, Sand story, seeing the visuals in this video makes it more apparent. "Take care of the rocks first...
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    "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou

    This is a great quote! It's so important to remember that there is creativity in all of us, we just have to find it. And it's not going to look the same in every person. I did not consider myself a creative person until recently - I was more comfortable "coloring inside of the lines." But once...