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    I need a quote for women...

    Thank you so much!!!!!!
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    I need a quote for women...

    I need a quote to remind a woman who does not like her body but wants to change her self image. What is a good quote to remind her of her beauty?
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    Empowering Self-Talk

    I love the idea of posting affirmations on bathroom mirrors! Also... jot down the most positive aspects of your life, gratitudes, hopes...and keep the paper under your pillow.
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    Atmoshphere for success

    I’ll have to post pictures!
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    Relationship "Rules"

    My husband and I have a list of "rules." They aren't rules with consequences necessarily. They are rules for our relationship. For example, no one sleeps on the couch, we go to bed together as often as possible, he is allowed to take photographs of me whenever he chooses, any time or place is...
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    Forming New Habits

    This would be a great video for you to check out. It's about 4 minutes. I found it motivational. Maybe you could share it as well. I'm not sure what is more difficult- stopping something or starting something. Thoughts?
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    Skin care routine

    My dad has great issues with his skin. Some from Agent Orange. He was told to use a certain soap that my mother orders for him online. It's called Vani. Maybe you could give it a try!
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    Having trouble reading for pleasure...

    I completely agree with the "plugged-out" time. When I do not have to get up by alarm and leave my device in the other room, I sleep so much better. When I was hitting the gym, I listened to different things on Netflix and podcasts. I do love a book in my hands. I can read from a device, but...
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    The Alchemist by author Paulo Coelho review

    What else has he written that is as strong as this one? My mom just read it and insists I do too. I'd like to get her another of his books. What do you recommend????
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    Having trouble reading for pleasure...

    I found a thread about reading a book a week and reading for pleasure in general. I struggle lately. Well, actually the last two years or so. I used to read ferociously. Then I found myself in a mindset that has stopped my reading almost in its tracks. I became full of "busyness." I was...
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    Narcissism- partners

    This is wonderful of you! Thank you so much! I will pass these along to them. One has been able to divorce. Their kids are grown. The other has a much stickier situation. She adopted his two children from his first marriage. The younger of the two girls was an infant. He made sure his...
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    Atmoshphere for success

    What atmosphere do you feel leads to the most productive behaviors? Room colors... Lighting... What's on the walls... Music or quiet... I'm asking in two parts... 1- Think in terms of your personal space. 2- For any educators-- think in terms of a classroom.
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    Communication in marriage

    All the advice is from good places! The fact that you want to know is a great thing! There used to be a book called "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus." I remember laughing about it when it first came out. I was pretty young. However, now as an adult who is married, there are truly...
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    Start your day with invention

    I would like to hear more as well. What does this positive energy mean to you? What are some ways we can generate the energy we need for the day to move forward awake and fresh?
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    Morning sunlight gives me a super boost.

    Living in the home that was my grandmother's, I sense that she knew what she was doing every day by getting and going outside. She may have gone for the newspaper or puttered around in a garden bed, but she went outside. She greeted the sun. Dead of winter didn't stop her one bit, and we are...
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    Narcissism- partners

    I have two friends currently dealing with abusive partners. They have both been told by counselors that their partners are narcissists. How can we identify narcissists in relationships.... and.... how can I help them through the divorces they are going through with these partners?
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    If I could give my own TED Talk....

    Absolutely! I love them. I found a few more too. If you search for teen ted talks you can find some more. I watch and write questions. Speaker? Credentials? Hook? Ask about details for the kids who have t moved far along leveled questions. Two thinking questions. A solid opinion related to...
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    Deep Meditation

    My husband and I did floating once. He loved it! Really. I was not so keen on it because I use a CPAP machine. I have really narrow si us cavities. So when I relax I feel like I can’t breathe. That’s just me. It’s quite warm and cozy and relaxing.
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    Spiritual encounters

    Dreams are said to be a great way for them to reach us because we are unfiltered. Anyone experience electrical devices behaving strangely? What about gut feelings that prove true?
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    Effect of Social Media on Happinness

    What you are saying is exactly what I see in our teens. It’s amazing to those of us who didn’t have this stuff our whole lives. The younger generation does not- cannot- fathom our reasoning about the health effects of all technology- specifically social media. 😞