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  1. shrills

    How to keep your savings

    I've implemented savings apps into my routine. My favorite is Qapital. You can set rules directly from your bank account, to round your spare change up to each dollar and otherwise passively save money without having to try. Acorns is good too, so I would check them out in the store if you have...
  2. shrills

    College Student Dealing With Finances

    You know what, the closer I am to completing school, the more I am just pissed off by the accumulation of debt college has bestowed upon my life, especially since ultimately, a university is just another business. A day ago, my professor had the nerve to tell us that grading quotas were being...
  3. shrills

    Breaking Up Post Break Up

    I can't be friends with any of my exes, because I love them too much and the endings of the relationship were often due to timing or an infraction outside of a lack of mutual respect. Watching someone my heart is still invested in invest their heart into someone else is too much for me to bear.
  4. shrills

    Teaching English Online

    I feel like being yourself is a big part in engaging with other people? Unsure as I haven't specifically invested time into this sort of job. I've always been interested in this, but my social anxiety boils over as I wouldn't know the first thing about teaching anyone despite being a native...
  5. shrills

    Is social media going to ruin future generations?

    I actually hate society's heavy dependency on social media now. I agree with the bah-humbugs who always mention when they "used to just go outside and play." Because that was fun? You'd be active and your imagination could sore with possibilities. Now everything is a flex for the gram, or a...
  6. shrills

    How to pursue writing as a career

    You could try publishing an e-book? If that's not too strange. Self-publishing seems ideal, because you can't trust anyone, and I've had people who were supposed to be my friend attempt to steal my creations. Just feels like a slap in the face, so always invest in yourself and protect your work...
  7. shrills

    Add nap rooms to universities so college kids don't have to sleep beneath the stairs of the...

    Add nap rooms to universities so college kids don't have to sleep beneath the stairs of the basement, in the lawn, or a library bench, not just for preschoolers with too much energy that caretakers don't want to deal with. That is all.
  8. shrills

    Has there ever been a course that has changed your life?

    I'm now a senior in college, and out of hundreds of credits completed, I actually haven't found more than a couple of classes that stood out for me or seemed worth my time. The first is a social work class that I actually branched out and chose as an elective as a sophomore, which had nothing to...
  9. shrills

    Returning to school

    Okay, so long-story-short college has been a struggle for me. I've always been academically adept and maintained solid grades to keep my family happy, but when I finally branched off to college on my own, I was tired. My mind pooped out, and I felt an overwhelming lack of motivation. I wasn't...
  10. shrills

    What are some of your favorite books?

    the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur
  11. shrills

    more money more problems

    I have to concur with money augmenting happiness. From my perspective, the distribution method of your money is what leads to success. If I was as rich as a Kardashian, for intents and purpose, I wouldn't constantly invest in products and businesses that would only give me more money that I...
  12. shrills

    more money more problems

    Taking risks is definitely a huge factor for me in terms of success, because I don't want to potentially grow old and look back at all of the things I did not do because I was afraid. The outcomes would always be unknown, and therefore I would feel defeated, the polar opposite of success. And I...
  13. shrills

    Comparison: thief of joy

    I actually needed this. I tend to engage in the same habit, however my platform of choice is Instagram. Recently, I found myself depressed by rich celebrities who can casually post and do whatever they want while I am struggling in school, financially, and mentally. Kylie Jenner's birthday feed...
  14. shrills

    Convincing yourself to do something you dislike for greater benefits

    I evaluate why I dislike something. For a long time I was afraid to try new food because I was comfortable with my usual meals, and I eventually realized that so much more food existed, especially amongst culture that I was hindering myself from out of a fear of bad taste. That's not enough...
  15. shrills

    Self Acceptance = I'm weird and that's okay!

    I still struggle with accepting that I'm just different. My favorite show is the Eric Andre Show, which perfectly depicts my sense of humor alone, but normally anyone who would watch the show will just wonder what is wrong with me and complain about what isn't funny about the show. I am often...
  16. shrills

    rupi kaur

    I've definitely committed to a lot of self-growth over the past year. An integral of mediums that helped me endure rough times were Rupi Kaur's pocket novels: the sun & her flowers milk and honey She is a talented and beautiful writer that I am happy to have come across. As an introvert, I am...
  17. shrills

    A soft reminder that any female can be a boss by herself

    I've had to undergo and overwhelming amount of self-care the past few days, and these videos are a steady reference of motivation to be my own boss.
  18. shrills

    A Quote to Motivate

    "Sometimes you lose." — Beyoncé
  19. shrills

    Insight from Lady Gaga

    She actually is one of the people who has written one of the greatest quotes I've ever come across. From the video for her song, Marry the Night: "When I look back on my life, it's not that I don't want to see things exactly as they happened, it's just that I prefer to remember them in an...
  20. shrills

    Favorite Quote

    "I've worked really hard on myself, and I am stronger in a lot of ways than I used to be. But I am always going to be impulsive. And depressed, with mood swings. You know? I know I am not an easy person to love, but I love you. I always have, and I always will."