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    Keeping in touch

    I feel you, I'm in a similar situation. I have a lot of friends I consider very close spread out across the country (and the world) and it can be a challenge to keep in touch. WhatsApp has been great for pinging friends, especially those who live abroad. Regular texts for those that live...
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    Helping a Friend Going Through Depression

    Thanks for your advice everyone. I know I can't do everything for him, but I'm going to work hard at the things I can. I'm going to keep reassuring him that I'm always there, and try and do more with him. We're going to play tennis tomorrow, so that's a start!
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    Helping a Friend Going Through Depression

    I have a friend going through depression, something that I have some experience with myself. He's financially secure and has plenty of friends, but for some reason he has a very low self-esteem. He's getting professional help, but there are still days where I worry about him. He knows that he...
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    How to pull yourself out a funk

    Same here. Even when things are feeling really bad, just doing a few push ups or going for a walk breaks me out of things. It can be really tough to take that first step, but it's so worth it in the end.
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    Relationship Talk: Long Distance

    I was briefly in a long-distance relationship. It didn't last, but I chalk that up more to us being young an immature rather than being in something long distance. However, I did have two friends who made it work for three years and now they're married! I think what makes one successful is one...
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    Job Interview Prep

    Thanks for the advice, everyone! I had the interview and it went really well. I did a lot of research, brought my resume and did my best to be myself. Here's hoping I get it!
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    Job Interview Prep

    I have big job interview coming up, and I'm really nervous. It's a job that I'd be perfect for and I'm really hoping to get it. What sort of things would you suggest I do to prep and give myself the best shot at getting it?
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    Making New Friends as an Adult

    If you went to college, a great way to meet new people is through your school's local alumni association. You'll find a lot of people of all ages looking to connect and you'll already have something in common. I got involved with my local club when I moved to my current city, and most of my...
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    Getting Motivated to Work Out

    Thanks, all! Some great advice here. I've heard great things about the Headspace app, will definitely check that out. Will also look into those fitness apps as well.
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    Getting Motivated to Work Out

    I've been going through a lot of personal transformation lately, doing mindfulness and working on not procrastinating and being lazy about getting what I need to get done, done. I've been really good about changing these parts of my life, but the one thing that I can't seem to tackle is making...
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    Being Selfish

    Totally understand, I used to be this way too (and still find myself slipping into it every now and then). Being able to say no makes you feel so much more empowered and in control of your life, and ultimately you feel a lot happier in general. Saying "no" doesn't mean you have to be rude or...
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    Achieving Success

    Something that motivates me is thinking about what my life would be like if I wasn't working towards my goal. This reminds me about how unhappy and unfulfilled I would be if I gave up on it, and that motivates me to keep going. It's a bit of self-tough love, haha.
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    Building Self-confidence

    Does anyone have any tips on building self-confidence? I find myself, especially in social situations, being a little on the quiet side and in general find it difficult to go for the things I want. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Tips on job searching

    I have an interview I got through the site next week, so we'll see if it's worth it, haha. Maybe try it for a month and see if you like it. You also get access to their learning site which has a ton of great courses that you can add to your profile when you complete them. Wow, I totally sound...
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    Google Drive / Google Docs

    Oh yeah, completely changed my life. Made it so much easier to collaborate with people on projects and to get access to them across my devices. I'm also a writer, so being able to have access to my projects no matter where I am was a game-changer.
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    Tips on job searching

    I'm in a similar situation. Besides networking, something that's worked for me is LinkedIn Pro. It costs a little bit each month, but I've gotten way more success in getting interviews. I've heard good things about Indeed, so I recently signed up for that as well.
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    Memory Improvement Tricks

    I'd say that it's important to take care of your health, both mental and emotional. If you're not taking care of these your memory definitely isn't going to work its best. Besides that, repetition is very helpful for memorizing numbers. Keep doing it until it sticks!
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    Getting Into Mindfulness

    Thanks so much! I tried the breathing exercise, was very relaxing and I definitely felt more calm and focused. Will definitely keep up with that, going to try the sound and clothing exercises soon. Thanks again!
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    Getting Into Mindfulness

    I've been hearing a lot about mindfulness recently, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get into it. Are there any books or websites that you might recommend? Any mindfulness techniques that you find helpful in your everyday life?