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    Time is Gold

    Has anyone been a fan of this quote? I know that this is an old good quote, however, we know that it really works if you put this on your heart and mind. I tell you when I started to implement this quote on my life I became more productive because it reminds me that our life here on Earth is...
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    Goal: To Buy a House

    Right now, I am a 26 years old bachelor from the Philippines and my goal is to buy a house maybe a year from now that is why I really worked hard every day 7 days a week and pushes myself to the limit to reach that goal. I know that I can do it because before when I was still in college I was...
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    Dealing with Boredom

    Recently I am experiencing frequent boredom and lack of motivation towards anything I have tried playing games and going out of town but it did not work out at all. Can you give me some ideas to release boredom? and what are you doing to prevent boredom to strike at you? Thanks.
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    Measure of Success

    Hi guys, I would just like to ask your opinion regarding your measure of success. Do you have a specific feat that you are trying to reach to consider yourself as successful? (eg. like big house, numerous cars, and plenty of money in your bank account) or you rely solely on happiness and...
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    Face Recognition Versus Names

    I would like to get your inputs about this when it comes to remembering a person especially the ones whom you are not seeing frequently. Which do you remember most especially when you see again that person in which you very rarely see is it just his or her face or her name? In my case, most of...
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    Writing 101

    Hi Phil, I am from the Philippines. Great job on posting those high-quality infos about writing keep them coming so that beginners like us could learn more. :)
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    Feeling Good About Yourself

    I feel good about myself when someone appreciates my effort and also if I reached something that I really want to achieve for example finished my job early and exceptionally, made a lot of money and etc.
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    Writing 101

    These are great information regarding the basics of writing. Thanks for these. Anyway from what country are you Phil?
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    Prioritizing Sleep

    This is one of the most mislook parts when it comes to overall wellness. We tend to work for extended hours, we eat right and exercise however most of us lack the recommended sleeping hours that our body needs which leads to serious health problems that we are not aware of. Because we do not...
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    Tips in Filipino Language Learning

    Hi if anyone of you wants to learn Filipino-Tagalog I would like to help you for free just comment what words would you want to learn. It is much better to learn from a human translator than google translate though because humans has a more accurate translation of words :)
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    Motivational Video from Will Smith

    Hi I would just like to share with you a motivational video from the veteran actor Will Smith, as we all know "Pursuit of Happiness" is one of the movies that really inspired us to do something and become successful with hard work and perseverance. Has anyone of you has watched the old movie...
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    Suffer Now and Live the Rest of your Life as a Champion

    This is a great quote from Mohammad Ali the greatest boxer that has ever lived. I guess this is applicable to all the aspects of your life too, has anyone of you familiar with this quote and is currently applying it to motivate themselves to work harder despite hardships? Well if not yet I think...
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    Foods for the Brain

    Thank you for the additional knowledge regarding foods for the brain. I would definitely try those suggestions and let me see if it works for me as well. :)
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    Having Memorization Problems and Gaps

    Thank you for the warm welcome! And I truly appreciate that you will check that thread of mine :) It will surely help you out.
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    Foods for the Brain

    Wow thank you for that great information, did not know that salmon is a good food for the brain until now and a great recipe that I will surely love :)
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    Advice for kicking a sugar habit

    Yes miss because eating lots of foods with artificial sweetening will increase the chances of you getting diabetes any other diseases there is also a research that artificial sweets can cause certain types of cancer.
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    Advice for kicking a sugar habit

    Try to swiitch to natural sweets like fruits which are sweet also like mango and eventually eliminating the artificial sugars that you intake for example the sugars that you put on your drinks, food and etc. good luck cheers!
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    Morning sunlight gives me a super boost.

    Yes because direct sunlight in the morning especially 6:00 am to 7:00 am has a high concentrated amounts of Vitamin A in it and it will boost your immune system as well it can also prevent certain skin diseases because it makes your skin tough. :)
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    Get some sleep

    This is really tested. I can testify it because whenever I sleep very late at night or did not sleep well my brain becomes weary the other day however on the counterpart whenever I sleep well I am more energetic and attentive on my work.
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    My Website, Phenomenal Memory

    Thank you for that wonderful website. Really learned a lot of info about improving my memory and the design is pleasant to the eyes which attracted me to browse more of the content of your website :)