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    Mark Rippetoe Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training -Legit or hype

    Rippetoe is a controversial old-school advocate of basic lifts done right vs cross-fit and bodybuilding exercises. Do you agree with his approach or should it be folded-into a broader workout plan? He's also very droll and macho/ Here's a favorite quote: "The only legitimate use for gloves (in...
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    Greetings from Delray Bch, FL

    Well, technically I'm in TH now currently on vacation. New to the group and excited to share and learn on all things wellness and self-improvement!
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    You're always working for yourself.

    I heard this little gem back when I was debating with myself between being an independent contractor ie. consultant or hiring out as an employee. This was in the IT industry. In discussing the options with some peers, one of the older ones said the line between w2 and 1099 was a good part...