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    How to keep your savings

    Saving money could as be challenging to me. I don't even know how to go about it.
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    Here is the Story of My Amazing Memory

    Wow! This is exceedingly amazing you're a hero.
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    Conversing with a Less Intellectual Person

    Well...when I am discussing with someone who seems to be intellectually below, I try to bring myself low. But the disaster there in is that some people like this pride in feeling that they're better. In this sense, what I do is either make them know their place or give them the paddle so they...
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    Working from home

    Working from home is the best. You can take good care of yourself and your children too. This will be a whole lot of benefits for the children but if one is not disciplined enough, working from home could amount to sleeping at home.
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    Relationship Uncertainity

    I am sorry. I am not yet married so, the chance of being able to say something worthwhile might be a little slim. But what I feel is that you talk sense into the lady and her parents, if possible. Let them know that marriage is life and life itself is full of ups and downs. It's exceedingly...
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    A Better Storyteller

    Hmmm...Í have learnt that storytelling is quite different from creative writing. But I'm sorry, I would love to approach the matter from the creative writing perspective. The golden rule of creative writing is that you should show instead of telling. You try and show emotion and tell actions and...
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    How to stop caring about how other people think of you

    I must say I have an exact issue of this manner, considering what other people think of not only my behaviours but also, my look and this has plunged me into a psychological defence mechanism which Sigmund Freud referred to as repression. It can cause, you a lot of anxiety if you keep...
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    Using your weaker hand

    Yes, it's the best thing to do, using your weaker hand. You know, it balances your muscles and apart from that, if you keep using the stronger hand and ignore the weaker one, the one you perceived to be strong will soon start to become weak. So why can't we try using both?
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    How to not give up

    So many things motivate us. Personally, it's simply the quest to make it, to excel. Where I am, I have so many challenges that could have impeded achieving my goals but when I read about people, when I check YouTube and see same set of people who have gone through the same situation, I feel that...
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    Maze Runner - James Dashner

    Yes, I like the book.Books like this should be read by bigots, racists, fundamentalists and sexists to know that a common challenge towards humanity affects all, not only a set of people and we should see a course to see ourselves as one. There shouldn't be a cause to exploit and segregate...
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    I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou

    'I Know why the Caged Bird Sings' is one of the poems I have read by African authors that I cannot forget. The poet uses the antithetical images of two birds, the free one and the caged one, to depict the misery of Africans who have been caused to suffer suffer limitation in life because of what...
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    Let Your Mind Run: A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory

    Actually, I have not read the book but I am of the opinion that the mind controls a lot about us as much as we control it. There are things that I have personally done quite airily that failed but when I set my mind on it like it's a matter of life and death, I achieve a different result.
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    Exercise for Sleep

    Well working out may work for some but it does not work for me. I would rather think of other ways out. One of the major sources of the health challenges we have nowadays is our choice of food. There is a lot of intake of processed foods with preservatives in our day to day feeding. I personally...