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    Entrainment music

    I have recently been reading quite a bit about entrainment music as a form of music therapy that promotes stress reduction and mindfulness. Has anyone tried this form of music before?
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    Aura Soma and Color Therapy

    Has anyone had any experience with Aura Soma color therapy? I went through a few sessions myself and felt that they were very beneficial and was thinking of actually becoming a practitioner. Does anyone have any experience of going through that path?
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    Spirituality and Carlos Castaneda

    I have recently begun reading a book by Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence, and was struck by the level of spirituality in the book. I read that there were some criticisms of Castaneda's writings as being mostly fictional, however, to me, I felt a deep spiritual connection. Have any of you...
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    How Holistic Coaching Saved Me

    Hello lovely people! In my previous career as an engineer for 9 years in a corporate company, I got to a point where I was making more money than I ever imagined, but losing my relationship with my baby girl, husband and above all, myself. I was constantly drained, stressed and with an...