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  1. Akita

    Practice Makes Perfect

    I've wanted to learn Spanish since I was very young. Right now, I'm only fluent in English, but am studying Spanish with my wife. Prior to this, I've only studied Spanish in high school classes and remember almost nothing. Now, I'm practicing every day with someone else, making the process...
  2. Akita

    Pets Can Contribute to Self-Help (w/ Pic)

    Obviously, I'm a fan of Akitas and own one myself. If you didn't know, a pet such as a dog could fantastically contribute to your self-help journey. For me, I was skeptical of owning an animal and the responsibilities attached to it. However, after a few years of doing so, I'm happy to report...
  3. Akita

    Email From NSC Going to Spam

    Hello, just wanted the administration to be aware of a bug. When pushes an email to my Gmail account, it gets sent into spam: I haven't looked, but I'm assuming the site is being hosted on some shared platform, and someone else's website has triggered a spam list. Happened...
  4. Akita

    3-weeks Cigarette Free

    Just posting this because I'm proud of my success and want to have additional motivation to stay consistent. I've smoked cigarettes for the last year and a half, to help deal with the stress of school and work. That proved to be a big mistake; I began to recognize the tell-tale signs of...