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    Tonights Goal

    Thanks I think it went great fingers crossed they call soon
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    Tonights Goal

    Work on writing for new podcast Set social media schedule Outline blogs for website for month at least topics Write 5 webpages for new Zealand firm
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    10,000 steps a day

    When I was working full-time in retail I always hit that 10000 mark just from helping customers around the store. Now that I'm part time and working from home, I imagine my number is much lower now. Defiantly have to put on my smart watch and get back on it
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    Starting a Podcast

    I have recently teamed up with a friend and we have decided to create a podcast. I have a friend who owns a studio who has agreeded to let us record and he will master the audio for us. I'm so excited but a little nervous given all the other things I've already taken on and my son. But I wanted...
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    Book review : how to get sh*t done

    So recently finished this book by Erin flaconer and I really like it. I wouldn't call it life changing but it was definitely habit altering. It was really geared towards women and mothers who over work themselves with task and feel like they don't get sh*t done. It encourage you to drop task and...
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    My quote for the day

    At the end of every hard day I have to remember that things will get better. You just can't enjoy the good parts of life without going through struggle to get there. And I'm always lookingnfornthe light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Self Care

    Self care like you said is so important and I take a day out of the week just to take a nap and shower alone. Being a new mom and chasing a new career can be hectic but I know if I don't take care of myself I won't be 100% for my son
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    "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today."

    I have to remind my self of this often cause sometime you replay conversation and such in your head wondering if this or that could have turned out different. It's essential to keep looking forward and making progress
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    "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou

    I love this quote it's a reminder to me that the harder I work the better I'll be at producing content creatively for my blog podcast or any other venture I step into.
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    Becoming A Writer

    My major goal for this year was to write and get paid. I had spent that last few years with a personal blog which was fun but wasn't really going anywhere. I now work for a content company as a part time job and I'm so happy. I'm hoping that at the end of the year I can transition to working...
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    Remember everyone's name forever: App Beta Testers wanted

    Yes I'd definitely like to try this
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    Setting boundaries at work

    I've had this problem as well and when I continu9to take on other task and set mine to the back burner for things they deemed more important I was told I didn't have good time management skills. I was like wyd. I have 60 hours worth of task for a 40 hour a week position and then u want me to...
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    Cooking for the ones you love...

    I love to cook for my family when I have the time. It makes me feel good for all of us to be able to sit down and enjoy something I worked on just for them.
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    The Struggles You Go Through Shape You

    I agree even if it tales some time to grow from whatever brought you to this moment, it's important to acknowledge that every struggle makes you a stronger person as long as you don't let it keep you down.
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    How do you take care of yourself when others need your care

    I have this problem with my family and I've always been the one to care for and brother and keep everyone centered through their emotional and mental breakdowns. But now that i have a son of my own I have to focus on myself and my need and focus on making sure he's not effected by their...
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    Living mindfully

    I practice mindfulness to deal wirh anxiety and depression and it has definitely made a difference in my life. I've been trying to avoid any kind of anti depressants and mood stabilizer because I'm a new breastfeeding mommy and I wanna be able to give my son the best I can. But life is stressful...
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    I do meditation in short spurts of time. Like the 10 minutes I have on break or the 5 minutes in the car before I take off for the day. Anytime to just hit refresh on my brain to get to a better more positive space. But there's no wrong way, whatever helps you feel more centered in this...
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    Staying Positive When You Feel Frustrated

    I have to either let out my frustration in an appropriate space or I have to do a mini meditation and tell myself that the thing that is bothering me isn't going to matter a year from now. That the co worker or customer or even employee at another store is not significant enough to make a large...
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    “Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

    I love this quote cause you can spend your entire life trying to find yourself over and over again but by creating yourself your able to mold and shape yourself over a lifetime as life bring you new experiences and perspective
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    Well-behaved women rarely make history.

    I agree that women have too long mistaken being a good person for being well behaved and well like. I know myself I love children and consider myself an awesome teacher and parent but that doesn't mean people think that I am a well liked person. I know I'm doing good for others even if others...