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  1. Ecoleman24

    The "Little" Keys To My Success

    In this post I want to give shout out to the "unsung heroes" of my success. My old yet trust HP and Asus Laptops, my stable internet connection, my quiet spot in the basement, my family and friends for understanding that my freelancing is "real work" and I keep odd hours at times, my coffee pot...
  2. Ecoleman24

    Personal Milestones

    Do any of you set personal milestones for yourself when you are working toward a new goal or on a new project? If so, what are they and how do you hold yourself accountable? Do you do anything if you don't meet them?
  3. Ecoleman24

    Google Drive / Google Docs

    I personally cannot sing the praises of Google Drive / Google Docs enough. As an avid writer it has given me the ability to access my work nearly everywhere I frequent, while on the move and has allowed me to collaborate with as many people as necessary and all for free. I can write and edit on...
  4. Ecoleman24

    FeedBack / Review /Overview

    Still playing around with the app this review will be updated in full 9/5 or 9/6. Thanks in advance for the early access!
  5. Ecoleman24

    Exercises That Are Easy on a Bad Knee

    Does anyone know of any good exercises that work well for someone with chronic knee pain? Everything seems to aggravate my knee and I don't know how to swim. I did do a water aerobics class but none in my area really work with my schedule. Any suggestions, advice and even links to videos would...